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The new study of TGE and EFC has been launched

The new study of TGE and EFC has been launched! “Boosting cross-border philanthropy in Europe – Towards a tax-effective environment” titled study offers recommendations and ideas which could potentially ease tax-effective cross-border philanthropy in Europe. It is recommended for legislators and authorities, as well as for philanthropists and the wider non-profit sector to read, so it could be further developed and discussed with fiscal experts and policymakers in the field of philanthropy taxation.


International Conference in Budapest

With the active participations of NESsT Hungary, Conference on the Role of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Reducing Social Exclusion will be organized by the UNIDO between 1 and 2 June, in Budapest.


Join to the campaign and stand with us!

The Civil Society Europe launched a campaign in which European civil society organizations can express their solidarity to the Hungarian people.

You probably heard about the bill on the transparency of organizations receiving foreign fund which would force NGOs to register as “civic organizations receiving foreign funds” if the organization will receive more than 24,000 EUR per a year outside Hungary. This would effectively stigmatise any organisation that receives such funding.



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