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International Conference in Budapest

With the active participations of NESsT Hungary, Conference on the Role of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Reducing Social Exclusion will be organized by the UNIDO between 1 and 2 June, in Budapest.

In response to rising negative externalities, inequalities and social exclusion, the number of new innovative business models, such as social enterprises is growing and getting more and more popular. There are 2 million social economy enterprises in Europe, representing 10% of all businesses in the EU. More than 11 million people – about 6% of the EU’s employees – work for social economy enterprises.

Given the growing importance of the SSE, the Budapest Conference will discuss the contribution of social enterprises and other SSE organizations to combating social exclusion.


If you are interested in attending the conference, you can register by email until 25 May. More information available on the event’s website.