Successfully organized trainings about project development

We have successfully closed the first training session of the involved communities on 14 September 2017 in the framework of our project "Strengthening and Activating Small Communities of Northeast Hungary" (EFOP-1.3.5-16-2016-00915).

The goal of the training was to assist and prepare the representatives and volunteers of the involved communities, institutions, and civic organizations to be able to effectively assess the local needs, and problems and based on these findings how to implement their local development initiatives, so called mini projects.

Participants were informed by the trainers about the different tools, methods of community needs assessment, e.g.: SWOT, SOAR analysis and problem and objective trees. Participants were introduced to steps of efficient project planning effective communication, tracking, and evaluation methods. Partnership building, and methods of detecting and involving collaborators, partners were discusses in details as well. In addition during the three occasions, participants could get acquainted with each other's settlements, organizations, goals and activities. Lot of useful advices and ideas were shared with each other, and for the last time participants drafted their mini projects and started the preparation of the implementation. The completed plans were discussed and analyzed together and the members of the group assisted each other in the planning process with good advices and experience gained earlier.

We wish a lot of success to all participating organizations while implementing their mini projects and involving more volunteers into their community development work!

We will keep on posting about the mini projects on our website, on our Facebook page, so just follow us!

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