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Medical assistance to Ukraine

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Beneficiary: Carpathian Foundation-Hungary (Kárpátok Alapítvány-Magyarország)

Notice: Medical assistance to Ukraine

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Statement on the war in Ukraine

For almost three decades, the Carpathian Foundation, which embraces the bordering areas of Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine, has contributed to the development of the Carpathian Region. Our Foundation fosters cross-border cooperation, overcoming language barriers, cultural and historical differences to strengthen the role of civil society in local development, thus contributing to the territorial cohesion of the Carpathians.

The current war in Europe contradicts everything the Carpathian Foundation and its partners stand for.

1 million HUF for Ukrainian refugees!

Today we were able to donate supplies (medicine, medical supplies, bandages, etc.) worth more than HUF 1 million to our Ukrainian colleagues to be sent to hospitals in Transcarpathia! Thank you for the support from which you made this donation possible. We are continuing to collect for this purpose in our Emergency Response Fund for Ukrainians, with which we would like to further support civil society organizations and civic initiatives helping refugees fleeing to Hungary from Ukraine! Thank You!

The SZETA kindergarten is up and running again

Our Board of Directors has awarded another HUF 1,000,000 grant to the Eger-based Foundation of the Fund for the Poor in Eger for its project "SZETA Kindergarten". Within the project, the organization holds 4 "indoor" and "outdoor" disadvantage compensating sessions for preschool children in the Béke-telep in Felnémet and organizes excursions for them.

The National Association of Roma Women of the 21st Century and the Somnakuno Drom Roma Women's Civic Association will continue their work in the summer

Between July and September 2023, the National Association of Roma Women of the 21st Century of Nyíregyháza will continue its activities in the "Help yourself 3... " and the Somnakuno Drom Roma Women's NGO "Diverse summer" projects. They received a grant of 1.5 million HUF from the Carpathian Emergency Response Fund for the Ukrainians Program .

The project of the Antal Pantó Traditional Preservation Association has been successfully completed

The project "Supporting refugees from Transcarpathia in Nagymuzsaly" received a grant of 212.000 HUF in January. Through colourful and varied recreational activities, the project helped the families to integrate, making them forget that they have to be away from their homeland. The programs aimed to build community and ease the daily lives of people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Students from GeorgiaTech University visited us

Students of the "Leadership and Social Impact" Study Abroad program of GeorgiaTech Institute of Technology in Atlanta visited us on 21st June, 2023, which has been a tradition for many years. This time, the group learned about the Carpathian Foundation's civil society development activities, with a special focus on our work on the war in Ukraine. We welcomed the young people and their companions in the House of Civil Communities. We met our trainees Haley McMenomy and Nick Muir in person. After a visit to the castle in Eger, we had a working lunch and a chat.