Nyíregyháza-based association receives new grant


The „Hanging around with mother” Association has been awarded a grant of 1.500.000 HUF in the Carpathian Emergency Response Fund for Ukraine programme

70 affected refugee families are currently living in Kisvárda, where the association hold free help days once a month. They will learn about babywearing, breastfeeding and baby massage. The well-being of refugee children is important, as well as the provision of recreational and cultural activities to recharge their batteries. A movement coordination programme will be organized, where they learn choreographed dances with their children.

Their educational activities are aimed at providing refugee children with well-being, leisure and cultural activities, resulting in a full course of baby massage. It is free of charge for 5-10 people, who receive a certificate. 30 people will get professional assistance and up to 50 people can participate in leisure activities.

In Nyíregyháza, the aim is also to create, manage and update a public database accessible to all. In order to create a partnership between the bodies, organizations, institutions and individuals involved in the refugee case , a  "Nyíregyháza cooperation network for refugees" will be built. The online space would allow for weekly meetings, but this would not be replaced by personal meetings, which are planned on a quarterly basis.

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