2011 Tom Lantos Institute: Summer Seminar for Roma and Non-Roma Youth

Almost 20 young people have participated in the summer seminar in August organized by Tom Lantos Institute and its partners. The participants discussed topics such as extremism, gender roles and equality, minority issues, migration tendencies and practices, social exclusion and discrimination, or education policies. They also had the chance to visit two local projects by the Carpathian Foundation aimed to help the poor in the region. Apart from the lectures, many cultural events were offered so that they got know Eger and its surroundings. With the help of the Mayor and his colleagues, the young people took part in a model municipality assembly where they had to play the roles of different party members and vote on one specific resolution.
Last day the participants shared their positive and negative experiences about the seminar. The agreed negative element was the extreme heat during the week.  For positive experience, they all highlighted the opportunity to meet young people from different backgrounds and other places because they learnt a lot from each other after the formal program when almost every evening they sat together to discuss various issues, including very serious ones such as death penalty. No organizer could hope better outcome of such seminars than new friendships between young future leaders who otherwise would not have probably met and talked to each other.

More information: www.tomlantosinstitute.hu