450 000 HUF grant for the Dorkász Foundation














The Dorkász Refugee Center received a grant of HUF 450,000 from the Carpathian Emergency Response Fund for Ukrainians programme.

The Center hosting and caring for refugee families in the Dorkász campsite since the outbreak of the war. Currently they are caring for 200 people, but in addition to shelter they also provide food and education to Roma families, mainly from Transcarpathia. The long-term goal of the organization is to integrate their children into the national education system. At present, education and catching up is provided in 5 groups, with 50 children of school age in each of the 5 groups.

Within the framework of the project "Return to our roots", the Ukrainian refugees are offered folk dance classes, including a children's masquerade show and 2 dance evenings with a band, giving children from 2 or 3 groups the opportunity to participate in each session. They believe that a return to common roots can be fruitful in future work. Folk dancing provides an opportunity for children to learn about Hungarian traditions, folk customs, folk costumes and instruments. Dancing together strengthens the sense of belonging and forges a team spirit.


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