New Grants for National Association of Roma Women of the Century

National Association of Roma Women of the XXI. Century mentors many Ukrainian refugee families living in the settlements of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Hajdú-Bihar counties, and they are constantly helping them with official administration, accommodation and job search. The 1.250.000 HUF grant will be used to continue these activities in the project "Hold my hand 2" and to put more emphasis on supporting the schooling of refugee children. They are also helping with access to vaccinations, paediatric care, and school enrolment by donating material goods (notebooks, stationery, gym equipment, school bags, etc.). They also organize activities to prepare children for the start of school in September, as they will be starting the school year in a foreign country and in a foreign environment. They mentor several families, 5-15 children per family, for two months during the summer. The project also supports refugee families with basic food, formula, nappies, etc. for 4 weeks.

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