We support early cildhood development of nearly 300-400 disadvantaged children

In 2018, the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary launched its ‘Building Capacities for Effective Early Childhood Development of Marginalized Roma in Hungaryprogram. On May 10, 2019, the Foundation's Board of Directors within the framework of a program running for two years now, approved a grant of cca. 120,000 EUR to support 12 local development initiatives.

12 civil society organisations (CSOS) working to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged Roma communities in the regions of Northern Hungary and North Great Plain regions are participating at the program: they receive a non-refundable grant of cca. 10,000 EUR per project through a restricted call for proposals.

This program contributes to early childhood development of nearly 300-400 children less than 8 years of age, living in complexly deprived conditions, in disadvantaged settlements or areas.

Within the granted projects, regular skill development programs, excursions and summer camps are organized for children which are unavailable or hardly available to them in these rural areas. In addition to this, project implementers assist parents to access childcare information and services, working on breaking discriminatory and exclusionist stereotypes.

More information about the programme


List of granted CSOS is attached as a pdf file.

We congratulate all the winners and wish them every success in their work.

“Early skill development aims to compensate for the lags and deficiencies from disadvantaged background, poverty and low parental educational levels by creating the good conditions and circumstances necessary to allow children and their parents to develop, and to perform to the best of their abilities and skills, with complex approach and services.”

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