Evaluation of the Emergency Response Fund for Ukrainians Program



The mission of the Carpathian Foundation is to improve the quality of life of people living in the Carpathian region, to preserve the social, ethnic, cultural, and environmental values of the region, and to promote its sustainable development.

Since the first day of the war in Ukraine, the Carpathian Foundation has been committed to helping those who have suffered from the aggression of war. Experience so far has shown that there is a strong need for fast and effective intervention, as a single call for proposals can often make a considerable difference.

The Carpathian Foundation set up the Emergency Fund during the second week of the war to finance civil initiatives to address the war-related humanitarian and refugee crisis in Northeast Hungary, at the end of March the first call for proposals was published.

The attached report presents a detailed evaluation of the Carpathian Foundation's Emergency Fund for Ukrainians Program, its experience, and its future.


The short study is available here!

The long study is available here!