Volunteer and Intern Program

Unemployment in Eastern Hungary is a growing problem that makes local people, especially the young and qualified, want to relocate mainly in the Central parts of the country and abroad. To respond to the damaging effects of this trend, we launched our Volunteer and Intern Program.

The Program helps young university students to gain professional experience in order to

  • have better chances to find jobs after finishing their studies in the Carpathian region;
  • find it easier to launch their career with mentoring support of experts;
  • have a good job reference;
  • be socially more conscious and appreciate the concept of volunteer work;
  • know more about and be more committed to the civil sector.

To achieve the goals listed above and in compliance with the law regulating volunteer community service we worked out the Volunteer and Intern Program of the Foundation. We also cooperate with the Szikra Foundation (Miskolc) and with the Eszterházy Károly College, Eger and the University of Miskolc.


The Program offers to the Volunteers and the Interns:

  • job reference, networking facilities, relevant work experience;
  • the chance to communicate and work in English (translation, correspondence, etc.);
  • experience in proposal writing and project management;
  • the chance to travel in Hungary and in the countries of the Carpathian region (Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine);
  • the chance to work in a young and dynamic team;
  • exciting, inspiring and eventful work;
  • professional supervision of a mentor, development and continuous feedback;
  • enabling working conditions/supportive working environment;

 After 2-3 months the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary offers its interns and volunteers the chance to go further and become a permanent member of the staff and work in the field of project management. Let’s take Roland Kelemen as an example: he joined the Foundation and the Intern Program in 2007 as a project assistant and became a permanent member of the staff in 2008 as a program co-ordinator.



Since 2006 the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary has employed seven volunteers and six interns involving them into the work of the Foundation and over all to the civil sector. Four of the volunteers were hosted through the ÖTLET Program (supported by the National Employment Foundation) with our Foundation co-operating as an employer of volunteers. In the academic year 2008/2009 we hosted a student from the College of Eger Department of Political Studies/International Relations and he spent his university program intern at our office.


Volunteers and interns (2008-2019):

Barna Gaál

Liliána Mata

Márk Szabó

János Buella

Julietta Lakatos

Dávid Tresó

Dora Sánta

Mátyás Áron Jászberényi

Michelle Rostampour

Zsolt Kelemen

Dániel Krámos

Orsolya Tóth

Noémi Berki

Lívia Soós

József Bari

Gabriella Szabó

Mátyás Láncos

Vivien Polyik

Györgyi Lakatos

Réka Tóth

Flavián Füleki

Gergő Tóth

Alex Kaufman

Noémi Bornemissza

Tímea Suhai

Gergő Rácz