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We are hiring a Program Coordinator!

We are hiring a Program Coordinator in Eger


The Carpathian Foundation-Hungary based in Eger, Hungary is seeking for a competent Program Coordinator to undertake a variety of administrative and program management tasks. Program Coordinator will help in planning and organizing programs and activities as well as carry out important operational duties.

Another food package for those in need

Another 70 packages were distributed from the prize of Tesco Hungary's competition entitled "You choose, we help", which was won by the Food Rescue Network in the spring! The packages consisted of durable food and detergents that we were able to use to support disadvantaged families and retirees. Thanks again to Tesco and the Food Rescue Network!


Workshops on “Unemployed or space-hunter”

In the framework of the „Know your rights!” project, the second workshops were organized in August 2021 by our local partners in Szajla, Bükkszentmárton and Szomolya. The topic of the events were labour market and benefits, matters which should be arranged in the so called Labour Office . That is why the program got “Unemployed or job-hunter” title, which was presented by Georgina Vitai, consultant from the local Labour Office of Heves County Government Office.

Professional meeting

On August 25-26, in the framework of a two-day professional meeting in Eger, we met with our partners, those non-governmental organizations we have been working with for almost 4 years now in our Early Years Matter program.

Workshops on education

In the framework of the „Know your rights!” project, the first workshops were organized in July 2021 by our local partners in Szajla, Bükkszentmárton and Szomolya. The topic of the events was educational institutions-school, kindergarten presented by  Éva Szomor-early childhood specialist, special education teacher.  The workshop leader discussed rights and parental obligations related to children’s education and educational institutions.

The power of cooperation - What do we do to keep communities together?

The power of cooperation - What do we do to keep communities together?


We launched our project named „Strengthening and activating small communities of Northeast Hungary“ 1 May 2017, in the framework of which we cooperated with 15-17 non-governmental organizations and small communities in the North-Eastern Hungarian region every year.

Early childhood development in the shadow of COVID

Since its establishment, the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary has paid special attention to the development of disadvantaged, socially excluded, primarily Roma communities, and to supporting their social integration. In the 2019/2020 season, 13 non-governmental organizations received more than HUF 43 million in support of our program called "Building Capacities for Effective Early Childhood Development of Marginalized Roma in Hungary". 

Know your rights!

We had a kick off meeting of the „Know your rights!” project on 23rd June 2021, that is implemented with the financial support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. The main goal of the project is to set up a scalable, adaptable model program aiming at empowering three marginalized Roma communities to have better access to their basic opportunities (live with their rights) at every sphere of life. 

Support the WHO Foundation in the global fight against COVID-19

The world is facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 epidemic, there is hardly a community on Earth that was not affected, the economies of all countries are suffering from the consequences. However, people came together to fight the epidemic, COVID brought together governments, industry and sector organizations, and individuals to help together. The level of global solidarity and support posed by the common challenge has been remarkably high in recent times.

Professional meeting for the proper early childhood development

At the beginning of June, we held a two-day professional meeting in Eger as part of our Early Years Matter program. The workshop was attended by representatives of our partner / supported organizations, professionals organizing early childhood development programs, the staff of our foundation and Éva Szomor, a special education teacher, early childhood development specialist who has been helping the successful implementation of the program for many years.