RomaNet – Zhas amenge! – Let’s Go!

One of the most frequently stressed problems of the last years was that talented, active young Roma people are out of civil life and there is no change of generation.
For these above mentioned problems the Foundation launched a training series named ‘Zhas amenge!’ – Let’s Go!
One of the most important aim of the training is to make appear the new generation of talented Romas in Roma civil organisations. Therefore we expected active Roma young people from regions of Northern Hungary and Northern Great Plain who would like to know more about methods, opportunities of innovations of their organisations and who really wants to do for disadvantaged areas and communities. We guaranteed for the young members of Roma civil organisations help, ideas, support and opportunities for building relationships.
The first period of the training series was in 2009-2010. There were 20 occasions in 7 townships. The participants could develop their organisational skills (e.g. community organizer, interest’s representative, and lobby skills) and start a process of professional cooperation network.
The second period of 2010-2011 was successfully closed with a sociographic manuscript which is a common product of the participants and shows the stakeholders’ townships, its surroundings and communities.
After a short break the training will be continued.