Food Recovery Network of Heves County

The Food Recovery Network of Heves County was established, becoming a cooperating partner of the Hungarian Food Back Association and working under the coordination of the Opal Talent Care Foundation. The members of the network are primarily non-governmental organizations of Heves County (Association for Life and Environmental Protection in Eger, Életfa Association for Environmental Protection, Association of  Village Builders, based in Bükkszentmárton, The Carpathian Foundation, The Laskó-Forrás Association, The Opal Talent Care Foundation, Tarnagyöngye Association), which contribute to the achievement of quality objectives, depending on their assets and capacity. Individuals have joined to work together as a volunteer.

The purpose of the network is to save food that is no longer marketable but still fit for human consumption from being thrown away or destroyed; and deliver them to those in need. In addition to this, it is important to reduce the amount of natural resources used in food production and transportation and to eliminate the environmental burden of food being thrown away unnecessarily.

Donors currently include one of the largest grocery store chains, a fast food restaurant and other vegetable and fruit stores.

The offered food is distributed by the members of the network primarily to the communities living in poverty in Eger and around Eger, through their institutions and CSOs.

The main goal of the Association of Village Builders, based in Bükkszentmárton, is to make life easier for those living in difficult circumstances. We are working on supporting childhood development indirectly, and this goal is also supported by food, especially vegetables and fruits.  While families with average income put rolls and fruits on the table on a daily basis, there is a little enough of it make our supported families happy.

”In the mornings, there are so many children regularly come to school hungry. We can ensure them food for breakfast for at least a day or two for at least a day or two”. Fruits and vegetables are extremely beneficial as they are omitted almost completely from our children’s diet in their home environment.

In addition to this, our school makes great efforts to encourage children to develop a healthy lifestyle and this goal is also supported by classes, afternoon classes, school hours and lunch times” as the vision of Arany János Elementary School, Vocational School and Dorm says.

The network is still developing its own working mechanism, so it cannot accept more application at this time.

This year’s goals include expanding the range of donors, purchasing of packaging and transportation materials, promoting goals and activities, attracting supporters.

One of our long-term goals is to create a well-functioning county network that can accept donations quickly, and, through the mobilization of volunteers, and deliver them to those in need within the same day. We want the focus on saving food, protecting the environment and starting the process of self-management by communities living in poverty” said Vanda Molnár, the President of the Opal Talent Care Foundation”.

We are therefore looking forward to joining additional food donors, as well as those who would like to support the network through volunteering, transportation or other forms.

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