Cross-border cooperation for the development of early interventions and professionals

In 2020 February, we started to implement a new cross-border project with our sister organisation, Karpatska nadáciá, entitled ”Chances for Disadvantaged Children”.

Our main goal is to improve the life chances of disadvantaged (Roma) children, and to increase the capacities and competences of civil professionals working in the field of early interventions in the Slovak-Hungarian border region. Within the framework of the project, therefore, we assess the situation and the quality of available early childhood public services in the affected areas and the situation of people involved in – the results of studies are published in professional publications.

In addition to this, we organize trainings and joint meetings for the exchange of experiences for professionals working in the field of early childhood development for disadvantaged children from 10 communities in Eastern Slovakia and other 10 communities in North-Eastern Hungary.

Through our electronic interfaces and other communication channels (publications, etc.) we are also ready to share good practices across borders that can support early childhood development.

The project kick off meeting was held on February 6, 2020 in Košice.

The “Chance for children from disadvantaged backgrounds“ FMP-E/1901/4.1/015 project is supported by the European Union, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, through the support of the Slovakia-Hungary Interreg V A Program Small Project Fund.

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