Nearly 5 million HUF to support disadvantaged children

Since its inception, our Foundation, has been a committed supporter of programs aimed at improving the quality of life communities, families, and children living in deep poverty, paying particular attention to supporting the activities of CSOs with which it has worked in partnership for many years along these objectives.

The new coronavirus pandemic affected these communities and families the worst, as they were the ones who were least able to thrive in the changed circumstances due to their scarce resources. The support of the participants of our Early Childhood Development Program and the projects of our local civil partners would have ended on May 14, 2020. However, the management of the Carpathian Foundation has decided to continue to support the activities of its most important local partners during the summer through its resources.

To this end, these NGOs were able to submit extraordinary grant applications to us, which were assessed by the Foundation's Board of Trustees on 11 May, 2020, and awarded nearly HUF 5 million in support to 10 NGOs.

The list of granted organizations can be downloaded below.

More information about the program can be read HERE.

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