New project: (Re)integration to the labour market

The consortium of SZETA Foundation Eger and the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary was awarded a 42.947.849 HUF grant under a tender announced for infrastructural developments of civil society organizations by the Norda North-Hungarian Regional Development Agency through the Operational Program of New Széchenyi Plan.
The antecedents of our improvements means the experiences and knowledge gained in several areas, and also the necessity to offer our complex services and to expand our activities in a central property. We started to study our possibilities in this proposal based on our previous works and to plan the project. Moreover to the antecedents belong to the choice and the assessment of the property, the situation analysis of target area, the bordering of target groups and the assessment of needs of this group. Our program concerns indirectly 11 small region of Bélapátfalva, Eger, Füzesabony, Gyöngyös, Hatvan, Heves, Pétervására (Heves county), Ózd, Mezőkövesd (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county), Bátonyterenye, Salgótarján (Nógrád county). Direct target group is the disadvantaged people and their communities living in Eger and its surroundings.
The two waves of the project are:
1.      The promotion of the alignment of disadvantaged people living in the settlements of these 11 small regions, to help civic organizations working with them and to provide professional support.
2.      Offering complex services to disadvantaged Roma people and families living in Eger in specially segregated living areas.
Activities of the project (subprojects):
1.      Buying and renovating the property
2.      Expand capacity of civic organizations, professional support for them
3.      Developing services and programs and ensuring their continuity
4.      Developing programs
5.      Communication activities
Duration of the project: 20 months
The entire project budget is 45 276 674 HUF. From this 42 947 849 HUF is a non-repayable support.
The venue of the realization: 53. Felvégi u., 3300 – Eger