WHO Foundation - our partner


The WHO Foundation was created to complement and strengthen WHO’s efforts to address global health issues. Launched in May 2020 as an independent grant-making foundation, it works to create new opportunities for major donors, corporate partners and members of the general public to engage with WHO.

The COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, which WHO and the UN Foundation launched earlier in 2020, together with the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, helped test the potential for broader support to WHO by raising $238 million in corporate and individual pledges for its and partners’ COVID-19 response efforts. The WHO  Foundation is now a proud partner of the effort, working in collaboration with UNF and a robust network of fiduciary partners, to facilitate new forms of corporate and individual giving. 

Having just announced its inaugural CEO, the Foundation will seek to build on the success and lessons of the SRF to date as it leverages its platform to encourage other collaborations based on aligned interests and big ambitions. By harnessing the strengths and expertise of the coordinating world health body and a diverse array of partners, the Foundation aims to accelerate innovative collective solutions for some of today’s most pressing global health challenges, including health system strengthening, emergency response, promoting health lifestyles and investing in
digital health. 

The WHO Foundation encourages collaborations based on aligned interests and big ambitions.
For more information please visit www.who.foundation/en or contact at info@who.foundation

If you wish to donate to the WHO Foundation from Hungary with tax benefits, please contact the Carpathian Foundation-Hungary for further information at cfhu@cfoundation.org or TGE@cfoundation.org - as part of the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network, donors located in Europe may be able to give via wire transfer.