Our 2016/17 scholarship program has been closed

We are delighted that the Carpathian Equal Opportunity Scholarship Program has been announced every year since 2007 and we have supported 35 students since then. Our program has ended for 2016/17, but the application is open for the next academic year.

Briefly, we would like to summarize in a few words the previous scholar’s, Ádám Virág successes and experiences.

Adam learned and developed a lot during his voluntary service at the HUMÁN-Net Foundation in Nyíregyháza. In particular, he highlighted that he will be able to use the practices he has become richer in social life in his future workplace.

The host organization's staff tried to engage Adam in as many tasks as possible so that he could participate and get to know more about the operation of a civil organization, foundation. Ádám participated in the administrative tasks, joined the foundation's social activities in which he helped disadvantaged children, encamping, and he also contributed to the homestead caring service. He also became acquainted with the organization's international relationships, where he could get an insight to cross-border projects and help the organization in event organization.

He has repeatedly demonstrated his professional skills and commitment, thus his prize was also a confirmation. Due to his academic achievements and her professional career, Ádám Virág was awarded with the Pro Scientia Gold Award of 2017 issued by the National Scientific Student Council.

It wasn't the only acknowledgment and hopefully not the last one. We already wrote about his earlier results.

Congratulations to Adam and we wish him more success in his studies and profession!

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