Internship and Communication program in Heves County

A workshop of a program called Internship and Communication program in Heves County (NCA-CIV-10-C-0323) was successfully held on the 18th of February, 2011 with participation of 10 students and 10 mentors.
The aim of this program is to find talented students and to provide practical training for them in order to gain experience and to get an insight into the operation of a non-governmental organization.
During the program the participanting students worked for 2 months as volunteers for such  non-governmental organizations which activities fit to the students’ interests or their fields of studies.
At the workshop both the program coordinator, Anikó Magyar and the executive director, Boglárka Bata introduced the program and the organizations and students had a chance to get to know each other.


The students worked as volunteers for 10 hours in March and April at the organizations they chose.
Between the 6 and 15 May the students and mentors took part in a 30-hours communication course led by Petőné dr. Ködmön Anikó, trainer of Kreatív Kommunikáció Bt. Participants of the 30-hours communication training learnt general communication methods, institutional communication and PR, presentation issues trough theoretical and pragmatic tasks. At the end of the training every participant could be performer: they made a power point presentation of their organisation.
On 27th, May the prgram was closed in a frame of a workshop where the 12 trainees and the 11 mentors got  their certificates. The students got books in topics which fit to their studies, and the mentors from NGOs got publications which introduce their organisation.