Invitation - International Conference on Carpathian Civil Society Platform

The Carpathian Foundation-Hungary cordially invites all interested parties to its international conference organized in Eger, 13-14 June, 2019 in the frame of the Carpathian Civil Society Platform project. 

The objective of the project – Carpathian Civil Society Platform - is to set up an inter-regional civil society hub of those rural organizations that work for the most marginalized communities in the Carpathian region in order to strengthen their collaboration and effectiveness. Through this project we aim to improve the influence and weight of civil sector by capacity development and by creating a platform for networking, exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices.

During the 18-months long international cooperation, similar network building activities has been realized in North-East Hungary, North-East Slovakia, South-East Poland and West Ukraine. After having set up the local/regional civil society hublets in each country participants had the opportunity to meet and map opportunities for cooperation at the Kosice inter-regional meeting in October 2018.

In the beginning of 2019 the local hublets were extended by inviting more organization to join. We have provided capacity building trainings and mini-grant programs in each region. Our next important step towards international cooperation will be the International conference in Eger, where the representatives of the participating civil society organizations can meet again, and will have the chance to start working on common project ideas along the identified needs. At the Eger conference the participants will establish the framework of future cooperation in the frame of the Carpathian Civil Society Platform.

For more information please contact: Marta Rakusz, at; +36 70 421 2798